Frigotrol Kältemaschinen GmbH
Tempering units for water up to 150°C
Tempering units for oil
up to 320°C
  Temperiergerät Wasser 1
  Temperiergerät Wasser 2
  Temperiergerät Wasser 3
  Temperiergerät Wasser 4
  Temperiergerät Wasser 5
  • Operate and service friendly standard units as well as high-technology-solutions. Optimal operation security and control precision. Tempering units ready for work with water as process medium. Full automatic operate outlet with clear signaling of operate phase in the flow diagram and/or about signal lamps.

  • Range S-TTO
  • Open pressureless systems up to 95°C
  • Heater capacity 3, 6, 9, 12 kW and more
  • Cooling capacity 40 kW and more
  • Pump capacity according to customer request
  • Other models on inquiry

    Range S-TTG
  • Closed systems, pressureless up to 95°C; pressure overlayed up to 150°C
  • Heater capacity 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 kW and more
  • Cooling capacity 60 kW and more
  • Pump capacity according to customer request
  • Optimal capacity assignment and temperature constancy via using forced flow around heaters and pumps with high flow rates.
  • Optional: interface, leak stopp device by venturi nozzle, flow detector, switch over test point intern/extern on inquiry

    Individual designed and multi circuit systems up to 95°C and/or 150°C

    Units in building kit system or as space-saving individual system solutions for the integration in excisting installations.
  • Single- or multi circuit units depending on range of application
  • Heater-, cooling- and pump capacitys as well as additional safety devices according to special requirements.
  • SPS-control
  • Remote-supervision for unit
  • Special voltage